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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

ELC Days Twenty-Three and Twenty-Four

Ladies and Gentlemen, in that corner, we had the mustard-based "Sticky Fingers Carolina Classic Barbecue Sauce", hailing from Charleston, S.C. In this corner, from the pork chops a couple of weeks back, our returning champion, tomato-based "Lip Lickin' Sweet & Smoky BBQ Sauce," hailing from Greensboro, N.C.

In Lip Lickin's favor, it was bought at Earth Fare, a medium-sized and growing chain of grocery stores that emphasizes organic foods, and of course it has the hometown advantage. However, Lip Lickin' is not organic.

In Sticky Fingers' favor, although bought at Harris Teeter and it has that prohibitive and scary "high-fructose corn syrup" as the second ingredient, the missus of the house loves mustard. However, the HFCS is a prohibited substance in this household, and so this bottle was the last to fight in this arena.

Both were served over a chicken leg quarter and wing each, from Back Woods Family Farm, last night.

The winner - the hometown "natural," Lip Lickin' Sweet & Smoky BBQ Sauce! Sticky Fingers was a contender, especially with the hot and spicy surprise, but it was not mustardy enough to overcome the other sweet and spicy flavors, which might have won the lady's heart.

Yesterday and today, lunch was leftover frittata, which Sandy would not even taste, so I am left with it all. However, it is surprisingly good even on the third day. I added a little Louisiana Hot Sauce today.

Tonight I mixed chopped up leftover chicken, short-grain brown rice, and cooked lamb's quarters. Again, this was good with Louisiana Hot Sauce. I seem to have a need for peppery goodness today.

I do intend to try out Anson Mills Carolina Gold Rice from South Carolina, as a few folks have suggested. However, I have a good stock of rice in the pantry, and the Anson Mills rice will have to be ordered by mail.

We visited Zeto Wines for a wine and cheese tasting after work. I will have to admit that I didn't even think about it being off my challenge until I got there, but hey, I've been good. We didn't buy any wine, but the cheeses were fantastic! It seems that whenever I go really nuts over a particular cheese, it turns out to be from Spain. Sandy bought a wedge of Valdeón, which I will save longingly for June 1. Here's the description on the label:

"Best Blue Cheese in Spain's 2003 national competition! A rich, creamy, intensely flavored semi-soft cow/goat milk blue. Saltier than Stilton. Made in Spain's remote Valdeón Valley (northern region of Asturias) Valdeón gets its distinctive appearance from being wrapped in Sycamore leaves. The leaves add to its complex flavor. Pair with wines made from the gamay grape, lighter more fruit-forward Pinot Noirs, and with Muscat."

Yum, yum, yum. I've been eating mighty fine lately, and the future looks purty good, too.


Jamie said...

Your mind will be blown by the Anson Mills products. Not only is the Carolina Gold rice better than regular rice by a long shot, but the rice flour and the farro are also brilliant! I have yet to try my graham flour, but I can't wait.

Also, the AM people are geekier about grain than anyone you have ever met before. It's awesome to talk with them.

Anonymous said...

Barbecue is such a personal thing, isn't it? Having lived in Virginia and, now, in NC, I can stand witness to the feud. The good thing about it being, of course, that everybody wins, in the end. :-)