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Monday, May 29, 2006

ELC Day Twenty-Nine

A long, hot day.

Lunch: a green salad with tennis-ball, spotted aleppo, and green-leaf lettuces, spinach, radishes, and peas from my garden, topped with my homemade green goddess dressing. Sliced strawberries. Pita crisps with marinated goat cheese. Leftover field peas and red potatoes.

Dinner: Pita crisps with egg salad, made with herb mayonnaise and quince chutney.

Pita bread: Dough Re Mi
Sesame seeds, olive oil: Deep Roots Market
Goat cheese: Goat Lady Dairy
Eggs: Back Woods Family Farm
Herb Mayonnaise: homemade
Mustard: Eden organic, from Earth Fare
Quinces for the chutney came from the next-door neighbor's tree last fall.
Herbs for the dressing, salad fixings: My back yard
Field peas: frozen from last year's garden
Red potatoes: Gann Farm

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