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Thursday, May 04, 2006

ELC Day Four

Looks like my ELC daily posts will cover the evening before, since I don't usually get on the computer late at night. My eyes need a rest by then.

Last night, Sandy and I went out for a couple of drinks after I watered the community row. We have two local breweries in Greensboro - Natty Greene's (named for Revolutionary War General Nathaniel Greene, who lost an important battle with the British here, but weakened them so much that it led to their surrender at Yorktown soon after) and Red Oak. I had a Buckshot Amber Ale at Natty Greene's and a Red Oak at McCoul's Irish Pub. Also tasted Sandy's Smithwick Irish Ale, which may result in me adding another exemption to the list! The waitresses at these restaurants were puzzled at my queries about local food.

Weeknight dinners (or suppers where I come from) are not a big thing at our house. Sandy is not usually hungry because he often eats a large late lunch. He wasn't brought up to eat regular scheduled meals like I was. I use the late afternoons to work in the garden during the week, and sometimes I am too tired to cook or even eat. So I often end up picking at leftovers or having a good snack in the place of dinner.

Local snacks are an issue. It's a good thing that I like cheese.

Breakfast today: Yogurt and strawberries! I almost forgot that I had local strawberries!

Lunch: my co-worker and I went to Lucky 32, whose owners have made a commitment to supporting local foods, co-ops such as Eastern Carolina Organics, companies such as Niman Ranch, as well as Slow Food Piedmont Triad. It was a little more expensive that I usually spend for lunch, but after two days of eggs and lettuce I was ready for some real food.

After asking about the origin of the shrimp (California, but at least she could gave me an answer!), I decided to order Cornmeal Crusted Carolina Catfish with Creole mayonnaise, creamy grits and "seasonal vegetable," which turned out to be broccoli rabe - all delicious. The grits served at Lucky 32 (and sister restaurant Green Valley Grill) are savory and fabulous and I could eat them by themselves. They buy their grits and cornmeal from the Old Mill of Guilford.

Okay, I did eat the pickled okra on my companion's plate. I'm only human!


sage said...

I read back over you last several posts... Interesting--eating and drinking locally. Even where I live, in a town of 7000 (but a county seat), we're getting a brew pub. They've been remodeling an old 19th century building and will have a brewery, pub and an upstairs banquet facility that will seat 200. They're putting in a wood fired hearth oven. I've gotten to the point that I only drink beers my microbreweries and Michigan has a number of them. Some you can buy in the grocery stores, others you can buy a 1/2 gallon jug at the brewery.

The Worsted Witch said...

Your posts are making me hungry! ;)