if i knew that you were coming i'd a baked a cake.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

ELC Day Eleven

I did eat a very good salad today, with spotted aleppo, tennis ball, and oakleaf lettuce, French breakfast radishes, carrots, and a creamy herb dressing that I made myself, starting with my own mayonnaise. I'll post the recipe sometime when I am not so tired, and have tweaked it a bit.

But tonight I fell totally off the wagon after running full-tilt all day and then ending the evening at a reception where there was cream cheese crab dip and lots of chocolate. The spirit was willing (I passed on ALL the meat) but the flesh was weak.


Jamie said...

There has been some wagon-tumbling here, too, but at least I expect the weekend to be all-local. The s.o. is traveling, so I have a rare chance to eat all-vegetarian and gobble up some of the excessive amounts of produce my garden is chugging out!

mimulus said...

oohh,,,, I ate some chocolate today. But it has been almost two weeks no chocolate and I used to eat (almost) every day.

Laurie said...

Mim, Yeah, me too. I always figured that the diet soda canceled out the chocolate. Now I don't do it either. But I'll go back to eating dark chocolate in June. Some things in this world are meant to be eaten, no matter what.

Jamie, I know exactly what you mean! My husband is scheduled for an out-of-town trip in early June, and I'll break out all the veggies he doesn't like. Wait, I did that tonight. Oh well, I guess I'd better post about it.